Putting Residents First is Good for Surfside Beach.

Serving on the Surfside Beach Planning Commission has given me an opportunity to get to know the positive civic involvement among my Surfside Beach neighbors. Through what can only be described as a difficult season in our town, I have come to know and love many of the 3,000 residents that make Surfside Beach America’s family beach. Their quality of life must come first. I spent nine years as a deputy sheriff, and 19 years with the Supreme Court of Virginia, Office of the Executive Secretary, as a Magistrate, Chief Magistrate and Magistrate Regional Supervisor. I have encountered many difficult situations. My background has been dedicated to public service specializing in strategic planning, finance and media relations. I have 39 years of management administration and I pride myself in treating all people with equity. If elected, I will cooperate and collaborate with our colleagues in a productive, courteous, and ethical manner that furthers the objectives and promote the high standards of the residents.

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