"My whole life has been dedicated to public service. Our town’s government is currently dysfunctional. I will work diligently with members of council to bring back transparency and welcome the input and feedback of our citizens. All aspects of our current system will be evaluated for improvement. Let’s work together". -Bob Hellyer



It has been three years since the jewel of our town was damaged.  It is important that we take control of this process and restore our pier so that our residents and tourist can enjoy our beautiful town.  This will include the need for fiscal responsibility and conservative oversite.  Our pier will generate funds that will ensure our taxes will remain low.


It is important that we let the town’s decisions be guided by resident involvement.  Unlike our current council, I will work with my colleagues to form committees to address different issues in the town. We will respect the work done by our committees, and not let undue influence guide our decisions. I will remember that this town belongs to the residents and I will be a good shepherd of the town for the people.


Our police and fire departments are an asset to our town.  Our personnel salaries must be competitive with surrounding jurisdictions.  We must also evaluate our current system to insure conservative fiscal responsibility while maintaining superior community service.


A review of all town ordinances is long overdue. It’s no secret that there are problems with ambiguity, redundancy and contradictions throughout.  I will work to review and adjust our current ordinances so that the average person can understand.  While all legal ordinances are subject to interpretation, It is imperative that ordinances be in plain English to reduce and eliminate unfair, unequitable preferences and bias.


Town projects must be subject to an open bidding process.  Sealed bids will be managed in an open process, and a committee of residents will be given opportunities to review and propose the best candidate for approval.  Our process will be transparent. Feedback and involvement is important.